Seven Quick Takes, 5/4/12: Run, Write, Drink Kale Smoothies


We watched Chariots of Fire last Friday, as promised.  Can I admit that I love sports movies?  And sports-meets-religion-and-religion-ain’t-bad movies?  Yes, yes I can.

The most striking quote to me this viewing, in a movie that seems to be written so as to be quoted, is this:

Sybil Gordon: [about running] Do you love it?
Harold M. Abrahams: I’m more of an addict. It’s a compulsion with me, a weapon I can use.
Sybil Gordon: Against what?
Harold M. Abrahams: Being Jewish I suppose.
Sybil Gordon: [laughs incredulously] You’re not serious! People aren’t like that, people don’t care. Can it be as bad as all that?
Harold M. Abrahams: You’re not Jewish, or you wouldn’t have had to ask.

I was struck by this because, earlier that very same day, I read this:

I was watching Preminger’s Exodus the other night.  There we have Paul Newman, who has my vote for the most beautiful man ever to grace the screen.  He is fighting for the rights, for the lives, of Jewish refugees from Europe.  Man.  I love Paul Newman in this movie.  He “just don’t care.”  He doesn’t care for the good opinions of the other players or, as per the script, of “the world.”  He endeavors to teach Eva Marie Saint, the love interest, that nobody but the Jews cares about the Jews.  This lesson is not only dramatically interesting but, in a rare coincidence, true.  I sit there nodding.

Eva Marie Saint is terrific.  She is, as above, goodwilled, sincere, and incredibly naive.  Quintessentially American, her answer seems to be, to everyone, “Is there not good and bad in all peoples?”  Can’t we just all “like each other” (David Mamet, Bambi vs. Godzilla, 15-16)?

Jewish man fighting adversity; naive Christian woman misunderstanding him.  It’s not every day that I hear the same message twice. I’m not sure what to make of it, but, suffice to say, I’m listening.


My parents stumbled into this sweet little shop while vacationing in Port Townsend, Washington:  The Writers Shoppe.

They even have workshops!  A writing workshop on the Olympic Peninsula plus a ferry ride to Victoria, Canada, would make for a fun working vacation someday.


Hey runners out there!  My friend Kristi just decided to train for a marathon.  How awesome is that?  Head on over to her site and give her some love and encouragement.


Speaking of running… I still need to lose about ten to fifteen pounds.  I’m thinking that July will be my goal.  Anyone else in?


More running and more Chariots of Fire.  This is an awesome quote:

Reverend. J.D. Liddell: You can praise God by peeling a spud if you peel it to perfection. Don’t compromise. Compromise is a language of the devil. Run in God’s name and let the world stand back and wonder.


I made a silly comment about God creating chicken nuggets the other day over at Dwija Borobia’s Catholic Exchange blog.  And then Dwija responded with a funny joke about kale.  And then I had to confess my (very Catholic) position on kale and chicken nuggets, which is that I am both/and:  both God and Man, both Virgin and Mother, both chicken nuggets and kale.

Kale has a bajillion percent of vitamins A and C and who knows what else, but, let’s be honest: kale is gross.  Most steamed vegetables are gross.  (Can you tell I’m not Southern?)  Cooked in lots of yummy butter with lots of yummy garlic, it’s probably okay, but then we’ve defeated the whole point of being healthy.  And raw kale is bitter.

But thanks to my friend Sarah, I now know how to get my son to eat the stuff, and he isn’t the wiser. Here’s my smoothie recipe, based on hers (yields about 3 servings):

Blend together:
1/2 to 3/4 cup of plain yogurt (Could be optional.  We use goat’s milk yogurt from Trader Joe’s.  NOTE:  Putting the yogurt at the bottom helps the blender do its job.)
about 1 cup frozen fruit (I like strawberries and peaches.  Sarah likes mango.)
1 banana
1 handful chopped raw kale
1 carrot, chopped
1/8 teaspoon stevia or a dollop of honey
Rice milk, coconut milk, or other liquid, added to achieve desired consistency

The sweetener is the trick.  Add kale without the sweetener, and your smoothie will taste perfectly wretched.  Stevia, in this recipe, is superior to honey – I’m not sure what it is about stevia, but the sweetness it adds to my smoothie makes me lick my lips and crave even more.  And Ben agrees.

The added bonus to these smoothies?  Less guilt about giving my kid chicken nuggets.  Mother of the Year?   Why, yes!


In case you needed it… proof that I’m writing a novel:

Also proof that I can be a bit of a slob.

That’s all for me today!  Visit Jen at Conversion Diary to read other Quick Takes!

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    We recently watched CoF again (and loved it again!). I had not appreciated so much of the post-WW1 culture when I watched it as a child… very striking this time. My favorite quote is from Eric Liddell to his sister Jennie, about feeling God’s pleasure when he runs, and God making his fast.

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    I’m trying to lose 25 lbs before my high school reunion in October – and it wouldn’t hurt to look better in a bathing suit this summer too :) I’m also training for a 10K in July, so i’ll hop over to Kristi’s blog and we can encourage each other!

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    You go girl on the kale! I think kale chips aren’t too bad–you spray with olive oil and salt and then bake until crispy. Kinda like a chip, but without the deep frying. Otherwise, yeah, kale is kinda gross.

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    our family joined a gym for the summer, and today my husband and i went for a fitness assessment … now i have a game plan and i love it.

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    I agree about Kale chips!
    Oh good grief they are good.
    I can’t imagine making it any other way!
    I loved your post – I found you though Jen’s blog today!