7 Quick Takes, 5/25/12: The Perfectionist Hears Good News About Perfectionism


Good news:  I wrote an article and CatholicMom.com is going to publish it!  This Tuesday, May 29th!

Who’s put her hands in the air like she just don’t care?  Me, that’s who!

The article is about my learning to overcome perfectionism and become more child-like through the study of French.  I can’t wait for y’all (or vous, to use the French second person) to read it.


Speaking of perfectionism… “Shoot!” I thought.  “New and different people are going to be visiting my little blog!”

And thus I spent FIVE HOURS today doing the equivalent of scrubbing one’s baseboards before the in-laws arrive.  I finished up the Blogger-to-Wordpress changes (formatting issues), swapped out photos, set featured images, and created new pages.  Because THE BLOG MUST BE SPIC-AND-SPAN!


In the meantime…


And that’s when she knew she needed to get out. Huuuuuuuusbaaaaaaand…


Every writer needs a coffee shop.  Happily, I already had a coffee shop, back in the days when I spent my naps working solely on French.  Welcome to Francesco’s:

The view from the “terrace,” overlooking the bar.  Man, it was hard to walk past all that yummy gelato that my mean ol’ endometriosis won’t let me eat anymore

My favorite table.

And a favorite saint, St. Francis, keeping me company while I write.


I love being a writer. I grin at the thought of it!


With regards the article, I must thank a few special people for their help:

Nancy, my journalism teacher from high school, for agreeing to meet with me and look over the article,

Rebecca and Dwija, for their advice regarding writing “necessities” (like starting a blog),

And, of course, The Professor.  (I’m tempted to get all mushy-gooshy-married-talk on y’all – vous – but I’ll spare you.  Just know that I’m married to not only an excellent writer and proofreader, but also the Best Man in the Universe.)

That’s all for now!  Check out other 7 Quick Takes at www.conversiondiary.comÀ bientôt!