Why I Love My Morning Routine

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If my house isn’t clean, I can’t function properly.

The optimist in me says that I’m highly aesthetic and that, being sensitive to order and beauty, I thrive in a clean house.

The pessimist in me says that I’m a crazy perfectionist control freak and that everything has to be “just so” before I can begin the business of living life.

Both are perfectly true.  I work hard at keeping our home comfortably clean while actively reminding myself to “let go” of messes here and there.  Because I’m both highly aesthetic and completely crazy.

My morning routine has done much to make this possible.  But, let’s be honest – my morning routine works for me because it’s my morning routine.  I’m not the Fly Lady, and I don’t clean my sink every day.  However, the following does get done:

Wake up, then:

1)  Pray
2)  Write (i.e. the novel.  And no going online!)

When my son wakes up, I:

3) Shower and dress while my husband feeds Ben his breakfast (20 minutes)
4) Take Ben upstairs and dress him (5 minutes)

And then, the morning cleaning:

5) Make beds (5 minutes)
6) Put clothes away (5 minutes)
7) Take out the bathroom garbage (3 minutes)
8) Deal with diapers (5 minutes)
9) Pick one item in the bathroom (sink, mirror, toilet, etc.) and clean it (5 minutes)

Downstairs, I then:

10) Do the morning dishes (10 minutes)
11) Run a load of laundry (3 minutes)

Whew!  It looks like a lot -  items #3 – #11 amount to just over an hour of work – but this hour of work is my lifesaver.  I feel free to do whatever else when I’ve completed the morning routine.  The nagging, guilty thought that I left the bed unmade or The diapers are stinking up the bathroom just isn’t there.

Everything is set and ready to go.  Completing the morning routine helps me to relax and focus on Ben and on my writing.  It works for me!

How about you?  What does your morning routine look like?  What task is your everyday “must-do”?


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    Fly Lady…I’ve read her site a few times but the sink thing just gets to me, especially since Allen likes to leave dishes in the sink and not in a tub underneath (we’ve often lived in homes with ant problems). Your routine sounds good, though!

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