7 Quick Takes, 6/15/12: Boot Camp


Okay, so most all of you know about this whole OTI thing.  So, I’ve been following it, and the green-eyed envy monster was following close behind, telling me that (and here’s where you pull out your violin) I am:

(a) broke, and therefore do not go shopping,
(b) inhibited and therefore do not venture out into untested fashion waters,
(c) nowhere near as cool as Grace, and
(d) chubbily-wubbily.

For playing me a sad, sad song. (click for source)



Now go read Hallie Lord’s post from the other day And think nice, happy, affirming thoughts…


So, here’s the deal:  I am still trying to lose weight.   But I cannot, absolutely cannot do it when I’m comparing myself to other people.

Nope. Doesn’t work.  The only thing I want to compare myself to are outside, objective, medically-recommended weight charts that provide guidelines for my having optimal health.

And, the thing is, for once in my bloomin’ life, I actually have had good, pure, holy intentions regarding this.  For the most part.


Problemo:  What medically-recommended weight chart do I use?

I am 5’3″.  My recommended weight range (according to the CDC) is 104 to 141 pounds.  That’s a 37 pound spread!

Err. Heh. (click for source)

If I use the Devine formula, I should be aiming for 116 lbs.
If I use the Robinson formula, 119 lbs.
If I use the Miller formula, 126 lbs.
If I use the Hamwi formula, 115 lbs.

The doctor whose handy calculator I pass on to you suggests that I follow the Robinson formula.  So, 119 is the “ideal.”


I haven’t seen 119 lbs. since, like, 1995.  When I was 14 years old.

This is a ridiculous goal to set.

So, whatever.  Point is to be healthier.  Not obsess.  Because that would be stupid.


Problemo #2:  My body has gotten used to my exercise regime.

Answer:  BOOT CAMP!

Two weeks of glorious daily doubles.  Starting this Monday!  Saturdays are make-up days, Sundays are off.  The Boy gets to come along for the ride (I’ll make the park our running destination).

(Unlike setting weight goals, I do like setting exercise goals.  This should be fun!)


And… because I need motivation, I solemnly promise to:

(a) Pray about it (because otherwise I’d fail)
(b) Blog about it (because otherwise I’d think I was failing privately)
(c) Invite all of you to join me in failing exercising.

Seriously.  Wanna do my boot camp with me?   Please…?

That’s all, ladies and gentlemen.  Visit everyone else at Conversion Diary.  Until next time…


  1. Christine says

    I would if I wasn’t 9,000 months pregnant with my first ever set of cankles and fat feet. But talk to me in a few months, I’ll probably need some motivation then :)