Boot Camp 2012: First Week Round Up

For those of you who care…  Rhonda’s Exercise Boot Camp 2012 is going swimmingly.  I feel great.

Haven’t lost a bit of weight, of course.

Of course.

Of course????

I’m taking the long view of things.  This is all about getting healthy, remember?

(And I’ll keep telling myself that because denial is my mostest-favorite-ist way of keeping myself chipper and happy and motivated about exercising.  Because, if I thought about not losing a drop of weight after so much work for more than three seconds, I’d be back in front of this computer eating potato chips and sucking my thumb faster than you can say namaste.)

Anyway, here’s my summary of week one activities.  Comment as you will.  I’m going to go eat some chips now.

a.m. – “Toddler Yoga”
p.m. – Club with Mom (bike with arms, assisted pull-ups and dips, abs, back)

a.m. – 20 mins of yoga (DVD), followed by long run (1 hour+)
p.m. – Club with Mom (weightlifting machines – “Basic 8“)

a.m. – 20 mins. of yoga (DVD)
p.m. – Club with Mom (treadmill for 15 mins. – kind of an accident –  and bike for 10 min.  And I think I may have done some of what I did on Monday.  Can’t remember.)

a.m. – nothing!  (oops)
afternoon – 30 min. jog
p.m. – Club with Mom (Basic 8)

a.m. – a run that turned into a walk.  Blergh.
p.m. – I’m planning to go to $5 Friday yoga class at the local studio tonight.

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    You’re doing an awesome job! The numbers will work them selves out eventually. Unfortunately, our bodies tend to suck at math. But getting healthy will pay off! Proud of you!! :)