So Close to Completing the Grownup Triumvirate

Marriage?  Yep.

Mortgage?  Almost….

(Minivan?  How could anyone – anyone, I emphatically ask – replace our friend the Corolla with a minivan?  But I suppose “minivan” really refers to being a parent, in which case, check.)

We’re getting closer and closer to closing on our house I spent a chunk of time on the phone this morning with the bank and the realtor, to which The Boy said,

“Stop leaving me alone in this Carefully Child-Proofed Room or you’ll be sorry!”

…and we’re inching toward that closing date.  Which used to be July 3.  Now it’s July 9… maybe.

The cashier’s check for the downpayment is on its way, and the bank account… kind of scary how empty it looks now.

As my friend said to me, welcome to the world of home-ownership!

And how could I call myself a Mommy Blogger without documenting the events of the morning?  (Sorry for the annoying sing-song voice.)