7 Quick Takes, 6/29/12: Books, Books, and… Do You Think We Have a Problem?




Look!  Look!  Look!

“The Confessions” by St. Augustine of Hippo – Ignatius Critical Editions,

with an essay by…

…The Professor!



What are you waiting for?  Go order the book!



Approximately 80,910 boxes (of books) left to pack and tape… and come to find out that the high-pitched crinkly sound of plastic packing tape makes my 21-month-old Scream. Bloody. Murder.



Speaking of books:  Help a sister out.

I think that there is, in fact, such a thing as too many books.
The Professor thinks not.

This marital dispute rears its ugly head once every few years, i.e., every time we move.  It’s not as bad as the famous Hubcap Disagreement (which, after 6+ years, I won), nor as painful as the time I wanted to buy a cute vmoto scooter and he said I was being ridiculous. Painful, I tell you.

I appeal to you.  Is it possible to own too many books?



When I was three years old, my grandparents took me out for a full day of fishing on the Siuslaw.

Ten minutes after we left the dock, I announced that I had to go to the bathroom. My grandparents presented me with a coffee can.

“I’m not going to go in the coffee can!” I said.

“I’m not turning the boat around,” said Grandpa.

“I don’t want to go in the coffee can!”

The fellows in the next boat over began to laugh.

Grandpa did not turn the boat around.  And I did not go in the coffee can.  I held it all day.


This is one of those family stories that’s only funny to one’s own family.  It was also one of my late grandmother’s favorite stories of me as a kid.  And it’s one of those stories that gets repeated, oh, every three months or so.

Not sure what to make of all of that, but these are 7 Quick Takes, and it’s one more random thought on my mind.



While we’re in random stream-of-consciousness full disclosure mode, my extended family (mom’s side) likes to call me Ronnie, just because they know I hate it (ahem, Jaime).  Whatever you do, don’t call me Ronnie (ahem, JAIME).



Back to books.  One of my tasks these next few weeks is to make a big list of everything we need to buy, when we’re once again rolling around in gold coins like Scrooge in Duck Tales. And one of the things I’d like to consider buying is a Kindle.

Personally, I like real books and would never think to buy a Kindle. Luddite that way, you know? But I have downloaded several e-books to my mom’s iPad these past few months.  And then I was sent a review copy of a helpful book, via Kindle, which I need to take with me when I move.  I haven’t retrieved it yet, because I don’t know if I should get a Kindle sooner rather than later… and I can’t seem to make a decision.

See, I run ubuntu on my computer and the Kindle app, of course, doesn’t work on it.  I could download it to my husband’s computer (he’s running Microsoft like the rest of the world – Apple people are on their own planet – not sure where ubuntu people reside), but that would be super, super inconvenient, for him and for me.

This is my first world conundrum.  Thank you for listening.

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  1. Christine says

    Yay for the professor! And as far as the books go… I can think of similar situations but very different items (i.e. Shoes in my closet to which some say there are too many, I think you can never have too many) so I think I’ll side with the professor on this one. Sorry dear sister, but to each his own. Ultimately though I’m just hoping for someone in my corner when it comes time to pack up and move my closet again (ahem, Professor, you should remember this) ;-)

  2. says

    NEVER too many books. You saw my bookcase. =) Those are just the recent books I have been reading, and I have boxes upstairs, so I am sure Moe sides with you on the packing and moving them. I say NEVER TOO MANY!!!

    As for RONNIE… lol. I just want someone else on our side to have a boys name too! Plus, I have to admit, it is fun to get a rise out of you ;) hehehe

    But I only do it because I love you and know you can handle it! <3

  3. says

    Too many books? That is a tough one. I used to think that there could never be too many books, but nearly 20 years into marriage and 16 years into parenting I have recently come to the conclusion that yes, indeed, there can be too many books. We recently acquired a kindle and a nook. They are both good and bad and neither feels as great as having an actual book in hand. On the opposite side of the coin, I am currently carring 30 books, on my Nook, in my purse. It’s definitely not a bad thing.

  4. says

    Too many books? Yep, there’s such a thing.

    To Kindle or not? Get one. I have a Barnes and Noble Nook and adore mine. Explore both options because there are pros and cons to owning one or the other. With the Nook you can share books with other Nook users and rent from online libraries for free.

    I promise to NEVER call you Ronnie.

    And I thought the coffee can story was funny. Happy Friday!

  5. says

    Wow. To see Jared’s name in print is so exciting!

    I would not even think of shortening your name to Ronnie. Rhonda seems an un-nicknameable kind of name and you have always seemed an un-nicknameable kind of girl!

    Regarding books: Yes, there is such a thing as too many. Though they are intrinsically good, they can weigh a person (or family) down as much as any other excessive material items. Which is not to say I don’t have about a thousand in boxes in our storage room in the basement. I fully acknowledge our overabundance of books! This is one of those “on the list” tasks–whittling down my book collection.

    Regarding the Kindle: I have a Nook and my mother has a Kindle. Both of us were against e-readers when they came out and then Renick showed me the iBooks app on his iPad. Which led me to check out the Kindle app…and then the Nook app…and just like *that* I was hooked on e-reading! I go through alternating waves of reading on paper or electronically. Overall, I am very happy I have the Nook for its convenience and the immediate access to must-have books. Which is not necessarily a total plus for those who have impaired senses of impulse control. Like me. ;)

  6. says

    Well… I feel silly. I just figured out that I can retrieve books and leave them in my Amazon cloud, then read them in my web browser. Not the most comfortable thing in the world to do, but it’ll do as a temporary solution.

    Glad that problem is solved, for now!

    I still think I want a Kindle, though.

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