Seven Quick Takes, 7/13/12: Timed Takes

1. I’ve set the timer for fifteen minutes.  Write!

2.  I’ve written several scenes since writing my last Writer’s Notebook update. I’ve also been reworking the plot structure in my head, as well as working out POV issues.  The problem is that one of my POV characters doesn’t have nearly as compelling a problem as the other… or, rather, that the one with the problems might be strange enough to most any reader that she shouldn’t have a POV at all, even though the story is about her.  And then we’ve got the Nick Carraway / Jay Gatsby situation – do I give the POV to the less-interesting character in order to preserve a bit of mystery (and normalcy) around the other one?  Questions, questions, questions.

3. Authority has been on my mind quite a bit lately – namely, what I have authority over.  Know what the answer is?  I have authority over myself, and I have parental authority over my child.  That’s it.  Recognizing this helps me to realize what I don’t have power over, and therefore have no business trying to coerce/manipulate/punish/change.  And that’s freedom.

4.  Which isn’t to say that I can shirk legitimate responsibilities. For example, I’m not the President (thank. the. Lord.), but I am a voter.  He, whether Obama or someone else, by virtue of his office, has the authority to run the country, whereas I have a responsibility to vote and participate in the public square (which, in the end, is authority over the President, though in a different way). Different spheres of authority, different responsibilities.

5. We finally have a closing date on the house – Monday.  Can I get an AMEN?

6. No more monkeys jumping on the bed: The Boy was bouncing around while we sat one the bed, visiting with my mother-in-law via Google Chat, when he bounced right into the headboard of our bed… and we all heard a loud cracking sound as he landed across the bridge of his nose:

He looked like Willem Dafoe.  Seriously.

Saw the doctor, and it’s not broken, thank God. The bruising is much, much worse now, but he’s on the mend.  Just another toddler accident.

7.  Adorable:

Photo by Jack’s dad – don’t steal!

Love this nephew!


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