7 Quick Takes: Back to Taking Quick Takes

1.  This is my first 7 Quick Takes in a month.  It’s good to be back!

2. Somehow, in the midst of moving chaos, I’m finding time to read a novel. Perhaps it’s not surprising – reading is such a good way to unwind, as everyone knows.  I’m almost finished with Robertson Davies’ The Cunning Man.

Robertson Davies (Wikicommons)

After discovering that I have an interest in all things Canadian, my husband’s Welsh-turned-Canadian colleague recommended I check out Davies, a Canadian author.  The local library had two of his novels, and, from the jacket, The Cunning Man was the one that piqued my interest.

First impressions? I’m engaged.  I took the hook, and now the line is pulling me in all the way to the end of the book.

Themes?  Eh…  not sure if they are my cup of tea. Particularly the theme of sex.

While the narrator, Dr. Jonathan Hullah, can articulate that modern man thinks falsely that Sex is a God, it disproportionally governs his understanding and his portrayal of other characters.

No sex scenes, but just too much talk about sex for my taste.  I suppose I prefer that it remain in the subtext of a story – there, a part of the action, but left modestly to the privacy of the radiant, glorious nuptial bed.  Thus says the loyal reader of Jane Austen.

3. To all the well-wishers regarding our Maryland friends:  Thank you.  Check out Rebecca Teti’s beautiful post at Faith & Family about the parish’s response.  Anyone who’s been fortunately enough to have passed through the neighborhood understands how special it really is.  We miss you guys.  And please keep praying for the family.

4.  Curtains.  We need curtains.  Every time The Boy opens the bathroom door whilst occupied, I think, “We need curtains.”  Any suggestions for buying curtains online?  We have historic, and therefore irregularly sized, windows, and I need to shop somewhere with greater variety of sizes.  I have zero interest in getting my sewing machine out right now.

5.  I suppose we need a lock for the bathroom, too.

6.  Ever been to Holland?  Holland, Michigan, that is.  That’s where we live now, and, as you might have guessed, there’s quite a bit of talk about “The Dutch” around here.  Now, our parish is pretty diverse – it offers Mass in Spanish and Vietnamese – but the proliferation of all things and all people Dutch around here is impressive.  A lot of “Van Der [fill in the blank]” names, with plenty of Vs and Zs and extra vowels to go around.

I keep hearing rumors about the way the Dutch keep house (immaculately), and I’ve already made a vow that I would not compare my own housekeeping with them.  Which I promptly did, all in my imagination.  I’m crazy like that.

I’ll be filling you in more about Holland as I learn more.  So far, I love it.  Especially the farmer’s market.

7.  The Boy’s a bit under the weather, so I’m cutting this off here.  Have a blessed Friday!  And check out the other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


  1. says

    Oh no! Hopefully the boy gets back on top of the weather. I’m so looking forward to meeting in peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerson on Sunday!

    As for curtains, I’ve had luck on Overstock.com and Ebay both. You can search by size or whatever. The other thing to do is to just go with the next closest standard size up from your irregular oldy-olderson windows because the curtain rod can just go wherever you want on the outside of the sill. And you always want the rod 4″ down from the ceiling regardless of window size. And I only say all this because I’m a total nerd.

    See you soon!

    • says

      He’s doing better today. Yesterday was fever and a (sort of funny) yackitude. We’ll be better for Sunday. Promise!

      Thanks for the tips re: curtains. My issue is that in addition to standard sized curtains, we also need some “cafe” curtains for several windows that require tension rods – I simply can’t get a standard curtain rod over/around them. Cafe curtains are typically 36″ long, but that’s not quite tall enough for our windows – they’d look short and funny hanging in them. I need something closer to 42-48″. In the end, if it means hemming some curtains, I *guess* I can pull out my machine and all the accoutrement – it’s just kind of a pain at the moment.

  2. says

    Burlap makes for great curtains. Funky, trendy, but still formal if you need them to be. It comes in all colors and you don’t have to hem. Just measure and have it cut extra long. I did this in my bedroom once and with the right paint color, they looked awesome. Just a (inexpensive) thought…