7 Quick Takes: Meeting My Fate on the Slopes of Mt. Laundry

1.  The Vomitron pulled into Ortiz Central Station this week and we all went for a ride.  Monday evening, The Boy.  Tuesday evening, me.  Wednesday evening, The Professor.  Details?  I’ll spare you.   You’re welcome.

2.  I have a lot of laundry to do.  The prospect of doing it feels like the prospect of a journey to Mt. Doom, except that I lack a Samwise Gamgee and am in need of FEMA and a HAZMAT crew.

(I don’t think this analogy makes any sense.)

(Most of my analogies make little sense.)

(I make little sense.)

(Stop talking.  Next take!)

3.  What is it with children and illness? When I’m sick, I can hardly crawl off the couch.  Our son, on the other hand, felt miserable, got sick , felt better, began running all over and spinning circles while singing.  Repeat cycle four times.  Next morning?  Chipper as a jay bird.  In the jolliest of physical health and the best of spirits.

Not so his parents.  Meaning, of course, that he was constantly being “redirected” from one sick parent to the other, depending on who was feeling up for full-contact toddler sport.

However, we have also had the chance to see how much our little boy is coming into his own.  What a personality!  He’s so smiley lately.  He chuckles at jokes and games.  He’s very snuggly.  He says, “I love you.”  Being stuck on the couch sucking Gatorade has given us some unexpected time to enjoy him.

4.  Broke my 36 hour fast with:

That was just for me.  Mmm, meat.  A little too hard on an empty stomach, but, somehow, meat and potatoes sounded soooooooo gooooooooood…..

5.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you will have noticed that I pinned a few Town & Country covers as research for the novel.  Not having grown up on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, or the Hamptons, I had never heard of this magazine until yesterday morning (2:30 a.m. to be precise) when we were chillin’ out in the ER waiting room while the pater familias was getting his vitals checked or whatever they do in there (I told you we were sick).

This magazine is a tony magazines about tony people (which, given all my talk about the Vomitron, we’re clearly not).   Exhibit A:

The riding suit is Gucci, which has a new line out, for those interested.

Included were features on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (with pictures of royal guests, none of them in the style of Life & Style, which, via the checkout line, is where I get most of my royal celebrity news), Caroline Kennedy (of course), Obama and Romney’s wealthiest supporters, and, as seen, the horsey girls.  These articles were entirely serious without one ounce of sensationalism.

I have a few characters that hail from these circles, so, naturally, I pinned the covers.  Better flip through a few back issues at a later date.

And then I went to pick up my eyeglasses at Walmart.

6. Old glasses, with no make-up and wet hair in the yuck-yuck bathroom:

New glasses, with a far-off look:

Little different.  When you’re shopping for frames in the $8 section, the selection is pretty limited.  But I like them alright.  I may have to go back in and have the prescription tweeked, but Walmart being Walmart, that’s a mere $20.

7.  Last week it snowed. I thought our patio looked pretty cool:

True, good, beautiful, etc.

Now go visit Jen for more Quick Takes.  I gotta go; The Boy just covered me with mushed banana.  Au revoir!


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    And the vomitron is one reason why I hope never to be in a house/apartment without a washer and dryer again. Another reason? Potty training and its many attendant accidents. A dishwasher would be nice, but the labor-saving device I really don’t want to live without again is the W/D in house.
    Glad you’re all feeling better!