Atrophied Brain Muscles

We left our house in the capable hands of a house sitter and hit the road two weeks ago for a four-week mega-road trip up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  Two wedding, a family reunion, visiting friends and family, slipping in a few days at the Jersey Shore…

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi hosts a post fight party at the Tabu Ultra Lounge

Hey, Snooki! (attribution)


We’re now at my mother-in-law’s house in New York, recuperating from a solid week on the road (Indianapolis, Charlottesville, Charlotte, Maryland, Adirondacks, and now here) before we move on to the next fun adventure.

Part of our recuperating is doing a bit of work.  As I type, my husband is holed up at a coffee shop somewhere, taking notes for a lecture he’s preparing; my son is with his grandmother at the zoo, and I sit here, fingers on the keyboard, trying to recall the English language.

Brain muscles. Dey dunt work rite now.

I’m okay with atrophied brain muscles – for now.  This is what vacation is for: relaxing, gorging on food and fluffy Amish-themed novels (I totally get why this is a popular sub-genre), visiting, sleeping in late, crocheting something pretty for the baby, and seeing some sights.  But come August, novel-writing is going into full gear.  FULL GEAR, I tell you.

In the meantime, I can sit here, in this moment, fingers on keys, doing whatever work I can do – even pounding out stream-of-consciousness blog posts.  Because I showed up this morning.  Because I’m a professional.


I’ll halt this verbal runaway train and end by sharing two links.  First, pictures of us taken by my writing  friend Colleen Duggan.  We finally met in person!  Hotel Duggan took us in on our way from North Carolina to New York, and had we had an extra day to spare, we would have stayed an extra night.  My son love, love, loved playing with the Duggan kids.   The adults had us some fantastic conversation.  Colleen, we’re doing it again, real soon.  Outdoor night attack of Maryland creepy-crawlies notwithstanding.

(N.B.:  You’ll notice that the Duggan girls decked me out with some awesome clover chains and purple flower hair pieces to accessorize my fantastic maternity maxi dress and general pregnant plumpness.  Jared said I looked like a fertility goddess.  Colleen quipped that the fertility goddess visits them often… and often doesn’t leave.)

Second link is to a post I wrote for the Catholic Writers Guild.  Nothing quite like sharing the inner workings of the rats’ nest that is my brain, right?



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