7 Quick Takes: Money Matters


I have a doctor’s appointment in 38 minutes, so this will be the fastest 7QT yet.

Last week I spent over three hours “in the zone” penning my 7QTs, ignoring my child, my housework, and my husband when he arrived home.    Jared dubbed them “7 Interminable Takes.”  And rightly so, folks!


This morning’s wake-up mental ramblings went something like this:


Not ten minutes later, I found Ben clutching a handful of change that he had snatched out of my little change box, and our conversation went something like this:

R:  Give Mommy the money!
B:  No!
R:  Let’s put the money in the box.
B:  Money!
R:  That’s right, it’s money.  Here’s the box.  Can you put it in?
B:  No!
R:  Do you want to do it yourself like a big boy?
B:  Money!

Then I realized the irony of the situation and burst out laughing.  You’re funny, God, you’re funny…


I’ve got ten minutes before I need to leave.  Ahhh….


Okay, nesting.  Nesting continues.  Did you know that I am officially 30 weeks today?  Badda-badda-bing, yessiree I am!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

2013-08-19 16.46.22

The kitchen pantry.  You should have seen this bad boy before I did the overhaul.  Look at all that space!


And, as I promised to show you, once upon a time, our rearranged living room:

2013-08-12 14.16.56

Maybe it doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually a huge improvement. The bookcase used to be in the office, but the walls were so bare in the living room – and we’re not the kitschy, kick-knack types – that we moved it into our living space, just to add warmth and architectural interest.  And to show off our literature collection, let’s be honest now.


The toys:

2013-08-12 14.17.19 2013-08-12 14.17.35

We are no-fun parents who have a no-fun policy regarding toys:  Less is more.   We keep out a limited amount and rotate them on occasion.  We also limit the amount of toys with parts – my Augustinian husband calls toys with no or few parts “Christian toys” and toys with many parts “Plotinian (as in the philosopher Plotinus) toys.”  If you can guess why he calls them that and leave a comment in the combox, you can have a special prize out of my special prize bag.


I have to leave in three minutes.  Okay.  Wrapping up.  Still working on the novel.  Having debate about POVs (both number and type).  Oh!  And I also (finally) read The Catholic Philosopher Chick Makes Her Debut – laugh out loud funny!  My favorite line is this:

“No, I’m afraid you look waaay too alluring for that,” said Mary-Clare.  “If I’m Joan of Arc, then you look more like one of the Old Testament women, Judith or Rebecca or Bathsheba, maybe.”

“Yeah, right.  If anyone sees me bathing on my roof, they won’t fall madly into a wicked passion for me, I can tell you that.  They’d just call the cops.”

Dying.  Dyyyyyyyying!

That’s it!  Go hang out with Jen.


  1. says

    I would enter a comment about Augustinian vs. Plotinian toys, but I’m afraid that the special prize would be a Plotinian toy that you’re trying to get rid of, and I just don’t need that! :P Incidentally, we’re planning to make Augustine our new son’s middle name. Benjamin Augustine Cook. My grandparents-in-law just laughed when we told them. My dad was more receptive, but then, he did write his dissertation on Augustine.

    • Rhonda says

      Who told you about my special prize box?!??!?!!?!

      I love the name! Obviously, I’m fond of Bens (though mine’s a Benedict), and of St. Augustine, of course.