An Intimate Look at Postpartum Life

(Because I know you’re dying to know…)

We’re sleeping when we can…


…often at odd times, ahem, Mr. I-Like-Waking-Up-At-3-A.M…


…we tend to drop our stuff wherever…


…and pretend that the three-year-old really, truly did “clean it up”…


…enormous vats of soup, the limit of my current culinary skills…


…(fortunately, it’s perfect soup weather)…


…how one little person produces several loads daily of this…


…remains a mystery…


…there’s some serious prepping going on for classes in January…


…and a fair amount of silliness…rrroooaaaarrrrrrahhh!….


…and plenty of puzzles and Moby-wrapping and lounging around…


…and I’m loving it.

Life with Miriam continues to go well for us.  The baby sort of sleeps at night.  Ben… well, Ben’s streak of staying in his bed and sleeping through the night has come to an abrupt end.  We’re managing as best we can, though I do believe my husband would like to sleep past 3 a.m. someday soon.

The days on our own are going well – other than Monday’s disastrous trip to the grocery store (I thought we could do both the indoor playground and the store… ha ha ha…), we’re passing the day peacefully and getting out a little bit, too.  I’m even finding time to work on an article (!) and French (!!!).

The biggest challenges have come with switching (as one blogger put it) from one-on-one to zone defense.  I haven’t learned the fine art of bilocating, or at least the art of untangling a pair of Pull-Ups from a confused three-year-old’s legs while concurrently nursing a baby.

Today Ben climbed up on our bed where I was changing Miriam’s clothes and started jumping.  I told him to stop (he knows better).  He plopped down with one last jump onto his rear end and — thunk! — his heel landed on Miriam’s forehead (the bony part, thank God).

Two screaming kids, one because she’s hurt/startled and the other because he’s been put in time out , I don’t have enough arms or patience, and one wonders why I’m carrying tension between my shoulder blades…

Perhaps you veteran moms could share your tricks of the trade.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, the minions just woke up from their naps.  Au revoir!


  1. H says

    First of all, it sounds like you are doing great and normal. The fact that laughter, snuggling, and being cozy is part of what is going on is awesome. And you are all adorable!

    At the risk of sounding like a total stickler, I’d leave the older one in his room when he woke up at 3 am. Even if he was loud, I’d leave him. Or I’d give him a punishment for being loud. And if I had to, I’d also do something to make him stay in there. Sleep is so important for healing and warding off depression (I speak from personal experience). I also never spare the rod when the baby’s safety is involved. But if you don’t discipline that way, now probably wouldn’t be time to start. Maybe a strict no climbing on surfaces where the baby is would work better if that is a better start.

    I’m not trying to be critical or start a parenting debate, just giving my two cents.

    • says

      Thanks. :) And thanks for the link. I struggle with my own insecurity as a mother – it’s hard, wanting to make the right decisions for my kids and hoping that, at the minimum, I don’t screw them up. !!!

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