Murphy’s Law – 1, Non-Native Michigander Mom – 0

The snow stopped.  The wind tapered off.  The streets began to clear.

So I decided to brave a trip to the store.

Nurse the baby.  Change the baby’s diaper.  Dress the baby in her outdoor clothes.  Put baby in infant car seat.

Gave Ben a pre-shopping snack.  Made a grocery list.  Gave Miriam a binkie.   Put my coat and boots on and turned on the car to warm up.   Sprinkled salt on the porch steps.  Noticed the snow starting again.  Decided to sally forth anyway.

Came inside.  Took boots and coat off.   Put binkie back in baby’s mouth.  Put Ben on the potty. Washed Ben’s hands and face. Found Ben’s boots and coat.  Put boots on.  Put coat on.  Searched for hat.  Found hat.  Put binkie back in baby’s mouth.  Put hat on Ben.  Baby fell asleep.  Went for mittens.  Couldn’t find mittens. Dug through storage tote holding winter paraphinlia.  Still couldn’t find mittens.  Tried putting different pair of gloves on him.  Couldn’t get hands in.  Found another pair of mittens.  Put them on.

Looked out window.  Snow blowing in all directions.  Low visibility, snow on street building up once again.


Remembered that snow + Native Oregonian + 2002 Corolla with no snow tires = it ain’t pretty.


Looked at bundled-up children.  Ben looked back at me.

Brief burst of bravery.  Then recollection.   Then hesitation.

And… “Hey, Ben, why don’t we go play in the backyard?”

So much for that.

Moral of the story:  If you want to leave the house with two small children between the months of November and April, don’t live in a place with Lake Effect.

(I think I might just send my husband to the store instead.)


  1. colleenmurphyduggan says

    Ahh the time it takes to conquer even the most basic tasks! Staggering amounts of time. At least you were cozy and warm? :)

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