Miriam, Child of God



I’ve been meaning to put these pictures up for several days now.  Miriam’s baptism was this past Sunday; most of my family flew in from Oregon to celebrate with us.  My sister Christine (holding my nephew, Jack) is in the lower picture, lighting Miriam’s baptismal candle as her godmother.

In good second-child fashion, we have fewer pictures of Miriam’s baptism than of Benedict’s.  No happy family pictures in front of the altar here; we instead signalled Code Orange Meltdown Mode and made a mad-dash home with the kids.

Also in good second-child fashion, we nearly didn’t have a baptism cake:  I picked up ours on Saturday, only to leave it on the dining room table within reach of a curious, I’ll-just-help-myself three-year-old.  The cake, still in its box, ended up on the floor, and if my mom and sister hadn’t taken pity on me (I was upset and whining about the deformed cake), we might have gone ahead and served it anyway.  But they bought a new one, and so we didn’t. Squeaky wheel gets the grease, my friends.

Other pics from the weekend:


Nothing quite like attempting a family photo with the three-and-under crowd.


Girl cousins. Just a few months apart.


Another picture, slightly different.

And, for the heck of it, an older picture I rediscovered while putting this post together…


Another child of God.

…because who doesn’t enjoy non-sequiturs?


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