The Beautiful Cold



Proof that our home needs an energy audit.

…and nasty.

IMG_4006Waking up around here goes something like this:

Toss-turn-toss-turn…that’s the baby…flip over…no, she’s really awake…Good morning, Lord…gather the courage to turn back the covers…turn over…bones creeeeeeaaaaaak…slip feet out of bed and down on the HOLY CRAP THIS FLOOR IS FREEZING COLD WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO BUY AN OLD HOME, ANYWAY?

You think I’m being dramatic, but I’m not.  Brrrrrr!

We bought an old home for its character.  It has character, all right.  Too much character.

I’m trying to learn to appreciate it.  You saw our Christmas Eve walk through a winter wonderland—picture evidence that I do find the white snow falling in its fluffy glory a refreshing sight. I grew up in western Oregon where snow was a magical anomaly.  But at some point, here in the extra-extra-Lake Effect belt around Lake Michigan, the magic of snow dissipates as winter drags on.

And we’re only in January.

My brother-in-law bought me Smartwool and Darn Tough socks for Christmas:


Smartwool on right, well-loved and well-worn L.L. Bean slipper on left. Also proof of that je ne sais quoi I was telling you about, there in the background.

He’s officially Brother-in-Law of the Century.  Sorry, other brother-in-laws.

Allow me a super-pious and potentially flat-falling, lame reflection:  My being cold is a chance to unite myself with those who are even colder than me.  Dude, there are people outside in this stuff!

Screenshot from 2014-01-04 08:55:50

And (PANIC!) as the Weather Channel (PANIC!) likes to remind (PANIC!) us (PANIC!), it’s a life-threatening cold.  (Actually, we should be a bit panicked.  This kind of cold is serious stuff.  But the Weather Channel likes to freak people out, don’t you think?)

All that to say, shut your yapper and quit complaining, Rhonda.

The End.


  1. SIL says

    The weather channel is not has bad as the news anchors in DC. Those people (with a snowman ruler in hand) make one inch seem like the end of days. BTW, yesterday MN shut down all schools for MONDAY due to the cold weather.

  2. says

    I’m in the not-frigid climes of Western Oregon, but I’m still ready for winter to be over. Why? Because we just got our electric bill for the month, and it was atrocious. Baseboard heaters suck! How can it cost approximately a $.50 per sq. ft. to “heat” this house (and by heat, I only mean have heat on in the bedrooms. The other rooms have to stay cold. Grr, grouse, fuss. But you are quite right in that I could be a homeless person out there living in this not-that-cold, and I have been saying prayers for them, hoping that they all can find warming shelters to go to if not permanent housing.

    • says

      I feel your pain. We just got our utility bill yesterday, and, yeah. Ouch. I was just telling my husband how wonderful it is for our budget that I can’t leave the house, but I’ll take those words back. Obviously winter is spending the money for me. >:-p