Hope Springs Eternal (Small Successes)

Joining the ladies at CatholicMom.com for Small Success Thursday.


We started our early spring vegetable seeds yesterday. I took everyone’s advice last Friday and decided to take the vegetable garden plunge.





Considering the scenic view out our front window…


…perhaps I’m getting my hopes up for spring’s imminent arrival.

But, still, planting our seeds.  Success.

Another success:  I worked on my novel on Tuesday.  Oh, yes, that thing, whatsitcalled? The novel.  Considering that I launched Real Housekeeping on Monday, sitting down to my story is a HUGE success.   This week’s been surprisingly calm, for a blog launch week, and I promised myself I’d get back to the story.  And I did, darn it!

Finally, my Gold Medal success: I cleaned the bathroom this morning after stalling on it for one… two… three days.

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    • says

      So do we! I never ate it before a few years ago. Delicious sauteed, and (thanks to Kristi) I also like kale chips, too. Yum. There’s nothing better than picking fresh greens out of your *own* garden.

  1. franciscanmom says

    Whee! A novel! I love novels! I don’t write them, but I sure enjoy reading them. I’ll look forward to hearing about when yours is in book format :)
    The only garden I can manage is a little herb garden in an old red wagon.

  2. says

    I love a good Veggie Garden. I do hope you and your family enjoy it.
    A Novel huh? Fantastic. I’m new to your blog – I’ll have to do some digging. Hope that’s ok.

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