7QT: Of Lambs, Goats, and Sardines

— 1 —

Quick Takes.  Here we go…

We I (what is up with my co-dependent self, always writing in the third person first person plural I-wrote-this-very-early-in-the-morning?) have a lot going on right now.  My to-do list is unbelievably long, plus I’ve had some personal circumstances crop up that require my tending.  I’ve been tackling that list in order to clear space for the more important things: family, yes, AND…

…the novel.

I hate it when I don’t work on it for weeks at a time.  So much so, that I’m thinking of doing this:

The beautiful thing about Camp NaNoWriMo, as opposed to regular NaNoWriMo, is that participants are allowed to set their own word counts and project types—novel, short story, screenplay, even nonfiction.

I’d love to bring my rewrite to the April Camp, with a goal of making it to the midpoint.  That’s a reasonable goal for me, and it would give me the impetus I need to finish Draft #2 by sometime this summer—perhaps during the July Camp?

Of course, I have to clear the to-do list if I really want to be able to do this.  It’s feasible, but only if I get some more pressing tasks done first.

Anyone else up for a month of writing?  Even if it’s only the minimum 10K?  My username is rcmfo—request me and I’ll request you back.  Cabin buddies!

— 2 —

How does a mama keep up her nutritional strength throughout the Lenten season?  Per Heather’s suggestion, I’ve been eating a lot of this:



It’s really not as bad as one might think.

— 3 —

The one drawback to eating sardines:  Even after rinsing my mouth out with Listerine, the lingering effects of said salty fish renew within me many fond memories of the Oregon Coast.



— 4 —

Speaking of Oregon… I’ve been feeling homesick lately.  I miss my family.  I’ve been aching for some milder weather, some mountains to look at, some variegated, light-filled, silvery-grey-white Willamette Valley skies.  And hiking!  Give me some hiking!

A few Christmases ago I put together a hiking notebook for Jared, filled with hiking opportunities around Oregon.  I found it on a bookshelf the other day, opened it, immediately shut it, and tried not to cry.

Cue the violins.

— 5 —

Two days ago Mimi and I escaped the house in order to do some work.  On the way to America’s favorite commercialized, franchised, gave-in-to-Big-Money-and-The-Man place o’ coffee (Starbucks), I made a detour and went to America’s other favorite commercialized, franchised, Big-Money establishment…

Yes, yes, I know.  Eeeeeviiiiil.  Shoot me now.

The need for a comfy, private booth for nursing tipped the scales from one cafe to the other.  Want to attract customers?  Cater to moms!!!

Anyway.  OJ, oatmeal, free wi-fi, and a booth toward the back near a couple of older—okay, old—men enjoying their morning joe.

A whole four hours devoted to work! Productivity, here I come.  I pulled out my tablet and keyboard and started combing through email.

Then Mimi woke up.  Guess what happened next?

She smiled and cooed and blew spit bubbles, like always.  The old men started cooing back.  Then they started talking to me,  Then I started talking to them.  Then they started telling me about Jesus.  Then I laid my Catholic cards on the table.  Then we got to talking, heard some testimony, shared some family stories, etc. etc. etc.

Three hours later…

— 6 —

I don’t regret our (lengthy) conversation.  One, I like talking with retired folks.  Two, I needed a morning of downtime.

We’ve had a family situation bubble up this past week, a situation that’ll require long-term attention on our part.  I’ve been feeling frenetic and Mama Bearish about it, and apparently God felt I needed a morning off.  A long conversation over coffee with a couple of strangers?  Perfect.

— 7 —

I signed Ben up for the four-week “Little Farmers” class at the Critter Barn.  He loves the animals, though I’m not sure how much information he’s hearing or retaining.  He’s the youngest in the group and, well, he’s Ben.


You wouldn’t know it, but this is an attempt at a smile.



Baby goats!

Baby goats!

A two-day old lamb.  The kids had to be *very quiet*, an injunction Ben failed to follow.  He squealed and rolled around in the (eww) straw instead.  I hauled him out to much protesting.

A two-day old lamb. The children had to be *very quiet*, an injunction Ben failed to follow. He squealed and rolled around in the straw instead (eww). I hauled him out to much protesting.

Mimi enjoying---or overwhelmed---by her surroundings.

Mimi enjoying—or being overwhelmed—by her surroundings.

Not to be outdone by her big brother, Mimi has embarked on her own learning adventure: rolling over.

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

Concentrating.  It takes a lot of effort to get this down.

Concentrating. It takes a lot of effort to get this rolling thing down.

Naturally, she wouldn’t do it for the camera.  Sorry.


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    Stopping by from Quick Takes! I did NOT know there was such a thing as Camp NaNoWriMo! I’m in almost the exact same boat with my writing – I’ll do really well with writing every day for a few weeks, and then life will just get too busy and I have to set the writing aside for a while, which just irks!

    • says

      I’m with you. I keep thinking of Steven Pressfield’s idea of Resistance, especially the “I’ll do it tomorrow” fallacy. NaNoWriMo is such a good way to overcome that. Wanna join me?

  2. says

    Sardines are DELICIOUS :-). I hear you about the after taste. Citrus fruit is my weapon.

    Your children are adorable, I wish that I could see you all in person! And the critter barn looks amazing!


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