…and You Start to Wonder If You Might Be the Butt of a Jane Austen Joke

What is it about entering Holy Week that invites spiritual attack on all fronts?  


Pardon my whining for a moment.

First off, I was sick recently and my meds are all out of whack.

Next, several personal relationship issues cropped up recently (most of which have been resolved, thank God).

Next, my son’s behavior has been particularly difficult to deal with, and I’ve been particularly impatient.

Then, yesterday I had in-depth testing for environmental allergies…


…and found out that, out of the 15 allergen combos they tested, I was allergic to all 15.  Commence freak out.

And THEN (forgive the yelling + whining), we woke up this morning to this:


When they predicted snow, I thought it might be a dusting, overnight, and no more.  Not TWO FREAKIN’ INCHES.  And of course my seedlings are outside.  Not to mention Ben’s tricycle.

All right, Holy Week.  Let’s get ready to rumble!

I feel like poor Mr. Woodhouse, upset over a half-inch of snow and altogether too dependent on Mr. Perry the apothecary.

Then again, less Mr. Woodhouse and more of a melancholic grump.  Mr. Palmer, perhaps?

But there are also good things happening:  I had another plotting + character breakthrough on the novel.   I also have the novel’s title—I think.  99% sure.

And, my parents are coming to visit in a few weeks.

And, Easter is almost here.  Let’s not forget that.

I’m ready for some Resurrection Joy.

End Whine Fest.



  1. says

    Maybe we just all need to get our whine out (and then have some wine)? I’m warring too – and coming into the Church Saturday! Back off Satan, may the Lord rebuke you! (Jude 1:9)

  2. says

    Novel happiness trumps Holy Week spiritual attacks. I am squealing with delight for you, my dear and chugging Benadryl on your behalf. Because that’s what friends do!

  3. Michelle says

    I feel like we’re living parallel lives – uncooperative weather, child behavior woes, personal health, relationship issues, etc.

    Your post was just what I needed to reign in my whining! And a complimentary deciphering of my Austen character to boot. :P

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