It All Started Innocently Enough (CULU/7QT)


Evening!  Look at me, doing my 7 Quick Takes and my Clean-Up Link-Up all in one fell swoop.  And on a Thursday, too.

Let’s get crackin’.


A picture is worth a thousand words:

weather 5-8

I don’t know if you understand the full implication of what 83 degrees means to a Michigander.  Especially a non-native quasi-Michigander after a loooooooooong winter.

Let me tell you: It’s a BIG deal.


Now that we’re no longer buried alive in the Arctic tundra, maybe we can stop talking about the weather.




This is what’s going on around in this one-horse town:


As the saying goes, if it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!


“If it ain’t Dutch” reminded me of the bumper stickers I once saw at the Junction City (Oregon) Scandinavian FestivalIt’s Great to be a Dane… Everyone Loves My Swedish Meatballs… Living with a Norwegian Builds Character…

Cultural heritage is cool.  I really love hearing the whos, whats, and wheres of cultural family life.

Take, for example, my husband’s family.  My father-in-law?  Half Puerto Rican; the rest German-Irish.  My mother-in-law?  100% Italian-American–Neapolitan by way of Brooklyn by way of Lawn Guy Land, if we’re going to be specific.   Result:  Way, waaaaaaay too much good food at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Seek ye the outer edges of gluttony, and ye shall find my mother-in-law’s meatballs there, waiting to be devoured.

Myself, I’m mostly Anglo-Irish with a healthy dose of Danish and German and a smattering of a number of other things that make me 100% Heinz 57.  A friend of my mom’s cousin did our family genealogy for him, and apparently we’re descended from the Plantagenets, which makes me related to all sorts of wonderful folks like (French) St. Louis IX… and some not-so-wonderful folks like Eleanor of Aquitaine and Bad King John.  All in the family, right?

We Americans of common English stock have a hard time thinking of ourselves as having a cultural heritage.  Patriotism, sure, but that’s different than culture.  Our great big adios in 1776 from the Mother Country leaves us with something of a disconnect.  Who wants to be English-American?  Seriously.

And, yet, we’re OBSESSED with England.  Literature.  Jane Austen.  Elegance and tea and crumpets.  Riding a white horse over the misty downs.  Doctor Who.  SHERLOCK. Will and Kate and cutie-patootie George.


We told Mama England what-for 238 years ago, but, you know, we can’t forget her.

At least I can’t.


Let’s talk about the May Clean-Up Link-Up.  Missy, awesome lady that she is, agreed to do the May link-up over at Real Housekeeping.  She decided to clean her linen closet, but my linens are in my bedroom closet and I cleaned out my bedroom closet a few months ago. What to do?

Fate, it seems, made my link-up decision for me.

It started with a bookshelf.  I purged my books last week and had an empty shelf.  So I moved some books from one shelf to another.

Innocent enough.  Right?

Somehow, over the course of… 30 minutes? an hour?… my office devolved into this:

Why do these things keep happening to me?

Why do these things keep happening to me?

Books.  They get me every time.

This morning the office looked like this:


And the closet, like this:


If you want to know why I haven’t emailed any of you back, RH contributors, well, now you know.


Look who’s sitting up all by herself!


That’s all for me this week.  Ta-ta—said with a cuppa in hand and a pinky up.

Linking up with Conversion Diary (um, hi? Did you hear Jennifer Fulwiler has a book out?) and Real Housekeeping (which wishes it had a book out… little bit of book jealousy, not going to lie…).


  1. says

    I cannot even handle not having my blog anymore. I am so jealous right now! 7 Quick Takes…. why did I leave you?

    Cute kids. (I wish I had a big closet downstairs. And I wish it looked just like that!)

  2. Gretchen says

    Oh my word. I almost never comment on anyone’s blog ever, and this is my first time here (via Conversion Diary), but your blog caught my eye and now I have this to say: Are you my clone!? : )

    First I noted how your cultural heritage and mine are similar (standard British stock) and that you are obsessed with all things English, and I was especially intrigued by the Jane Austen button on the sidebar (which I’m about to go check out), as I had thought of re-reading all of her novels this year (or was that last year?).

    THEN I saw the pictures of your office, and thought how very similar it looks to mine when I get in a major re-organization fit (and we evidently share an almost obsessive love of books as well), and how perfectly the caption expresses my feelings on this matter.

    And THEN I saw your living room, with that baby blocking the view of our couch and our rug and our wood floors! Oh my goodness! Okay, the rug is probably not identical, but I really think we might have the exact same couch, and we definitely have the same color scheme: red and blue, with an oriental style rug and wood floors.

    So THAT was pretty fun! Now I’m going to go read some more about you. Thanks for a fun read, and I can’t wait to check out your blog some more!

    • says

      Oh, WOW! How cool is that? I love the internet, don’t you? How often do we get to “meet” our dopplegangers except online, right? Do you, by chance, have mint-green wing chairs that you picked up off the side of the road, too? :-)

      Re: books—-that’s not the half of them. We have another 7-foot bookshelf in the living room, but the bulk of our books are in my husband’s office at work—he’s a college professor. One major goal of mine when we moved into our home two years ago was *finally* UNPACKING ALL THE BOOKS. We had been carting books in dusty boxes all over the country for several years. Now we finally have the space to bring them all out of hiding! Such a good feeling. I’m sure you understand!

      By the way… one of the antagonists in my story is named Gretchen. Sorry. :-( Now that you’re here, I wish that wasn’t her name!

      In any case, welcome. I’m SO glad you stopped by to visit and to leave a comment! Hope to see you again! Or email-chat. Despite my INFJ, I love meeting new people. :-)

  3. says

    saw you via Conv. Diary. I’m Dutch, from Western MI (GR), am Canadian too and live in NJ now after many years in Canada. Nice to meet you! your office looks glorious. enjoy it. and the cute little one! :)


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