7QT: Maverick Writers

— 1 —

The Catholic Writers Guild is awesome. I put a call-out on our FB group page for some feedback on my story synopsis, and three wonderful, marvellous, super-dee-duper people responded right away:  Ellen Gable Hrkach, M.R. Zapp, and Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur.

Ladies, I can’t thank you enough.  Your generosity impresses me.

— 2 —

More shout-outs:  Cristina, one of my contributors over at Real Housekeeping, is a budding social media maven and is teaching me how to actually use all these newfangled thingamabobs.  I’m not old enough to consider any one of them newfangled or a thingamabob, but I am horrible at using the stuff.  Just horrible.

What impresses me about Cristina is the way she uses SM to cultivate real friendships.  She’s one of those gifted individuals who writes and spreads the word about her writing because she believes her conversion story has an impact on other struggling souls out there.  She’s generous and not a spammy attention-hog.  I like that.

— 3 —

Have you read this book?


Do.  It’s beautiful.  What an elegant uplifting of womanhood—all women, not just Mary.

— 4 —

Feeling overwhelmed.  A feeling I struggle to resist.  I take on too much stuff, y’all.  When things are going good, I’m singing at the top of my (congested—hack-hack) lungs on Cloud Nine.   But when the Rhonda-machine hits a cog or two, then—overwhelmed.  Ready to chuck it all, go hide in a corner, ignore everyone else, and write my novel.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed that past few days.

The pity-pot isn’t an answer, however.  I signed up for this gig and that gig and the other gig, and by God (not a curse), I’m going to keep my hand to the proverbial plow.  I thank God that I never believed writing would be magical or magically easy; I have not suffered the suffering of disillusionment.  But it’s hard work.  Hard work is hard.

The maverick passes through sand and cactus until—aha!—the light bulb goes on and he heads into town.  It’s there that he meets the villain and the shoot-out begins.

A town is community.  We all need community, whatever our pursuits.  And when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I need community the most.

— 5 —

I never know what to write for Quick Take #5.  It’s like that awful moment just after the 75% turning point in a story, that all-is-lost point from which it’s hard to recover without a deus ex machina.

— 6 —

Colleen and I want to go to the CWG’s live conference this year.  It’s in Chicago and therefore within driving distance.  We’re doing that dance where one says, “You interested?” and the other says, “Let me ask my husband,” and vice versa.  It’s just the lodging that’s poses a problem for me—the conference fee itself is reasonable for CWG members—but, if we can drive there and back and stay but a night…

What would Dave do?

Dave Ramsey.  The man’s name is both a blessing and a curse.  Casa Ortiz is trying to work through the finance-o-rama and doesn’t have chump change just laying about, because we’re gazelle-like, thank you, Dave.  But the conference a) won’t be nearby any time soon, and b) relates to business—maybe I could write it off?


— 7 —

No more from me.  Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. says

    I’m REALLY bad at social media too. Even though I’m an extrovert, I see SM as an energy output kind of thing. I have to maintain enough energy to interact with a whole bunch of people I don’t really know and it’s draining.

    I’m not surprised one bit that those Guild ladies responded to you regarding your story synopsis. They are awesome. The Guild is awesome. Catholic writers should join.

    Finally, the conference. I want to go. I don’t want to spend the money because Dave says not to. Have you checked to see how much the hotel is? Halfsies, maybe? I’ll be back in touch… :)

  2. colleenmurphyduggan says

    So John said, “I want to support you in this.”


  3. says

    Will Dave support me on this? I’m bummed. I wanna go too! BUT, I was all bout the CDMC or what was the CNMC with my gal Tiffany at Life of a Catholic Librarian. Since I don’t have a synopsis and am not nearly as drafty of novels as you are Rhonda, I will have to press my face up to the screen and wait in anticipation as you blog about all that you will have learned. (see how subliminal that was?)

    And the shout out – gracias, preciosa. I know you can handle my Spanglish!

  4. says

    Why has Dave Ramsey not yet marketed those gummy wristband bracelets that say WDRSCMOT?N!GIB!–Would Dave Ramsey Spend Cash Money On This? NO! Gazelle Intensity, Bizzles!

    Seriously, though, once you read a Dave Ramsey book or do his program, he’s like a new and annoyingly twangy version of a financial Jiminy Cricket living in your brain. It is a blessing and a curse.

  5. says

    Ooh, you’re doing the Dave Ramsey lifestyle! Woo to the hoo! I think when we last saw you when you so kindly visited us in WA before heading to Holland, you had not yet encountered the man, the vision, the challenge and the dream that is Dave Ramsey.

    “Financial version of Jiminy Cricket living in your brain!” Spot on, Jenny! Though I like his accent. It’s like a vocal swagger.

    • says

      Jumpin’ on the Dave bandwagon… and it’s already done us a TON of good. That whole, “It feels like you’ve gotten a raise,” thing? True. Very true. We’re already making better decisions with our money, and we’ve only be gazelle-ing it for a few months now.

      Jared wants to point out that in the original version of Pinocchio, Pinocchio kills poor Jiminy Cricket in the first few chapters… ;-)