7QT/YA: A Journal-y Kind of Journal Post

— 1 —

Joining Jen and the gang for some quick Quick Takes.  (And now Yarn Along!  See #5.)

— 2 —

Come, Holy Spirit!  Fill the hearts of Thy faithful!  Today the Novena starts.


I love the Holy Spirit.  For months now, I’ve been focusing on the role the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity plays in my life.  He is the Source of actual and sanctifying grace and the giver of all charisms.

Some time ago I began asking the Holy Spirit for the gift of words—for English words (writing) and French words (language learning).  I mean, I already babble like the babbling waters of Babylon (and y’all sat down and wept…and wept…and weee-eeee-ept), but to harness those words—that’s a task only God can manage.

As for foreign language, we can now add Spanish to the list of petitions.  I now have the opportunity and desire to learn it.  Very excited, amigos.

— 3 —

This explains three-and-a-half years of bad sleep, delayed communication, frustrated potty-training, picky eating, off-the-charts crazy-smarts, and a savant-like memory:

I have no desire to talk publicly about this (at present? ever?), given that it’s not only my business, but my child’s.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share what’s been going on around here.

And, oh, it’s been going on.  Or going down.  One word: insurance.

— 4 —

I’m working on a huge project over the next few days—big project, very quick turnaround.

I know.  Crazy-busy.  Perhaps too busy to feel my feelings.  But the project is God’s providential gift.  I’m grateful.

— 5 —



We’ve been watching a lot of British Masterpiece Theatre/Mysteries these days.  Needing to unwind?  Perhaps.  In any case, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to work on my knitting.

I’m not a knitter.  I’m better at crocheting and feel more confident with the back-and-forth (and ease of pulling out stitches) that crocheting brings.  But some things look better knitted and I’d like to learn how to make those things.

I have plenty of Sugar ‘n’ Cream cotton yarn and am using it to practice various knitting skills before moving on to harder projects.  The washcloth in this picture is me practicing increasing and decreasing.  Clearly I still need some practice.

— 6 —

Hmm.  Maybe I’ll link up with Yarn Along for the first time ever?

— 7 —

That’s all.  Got that big project to work on.  Toodles.

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  1. Michelle says

    Prayers and blessings are with you for #3 and what has to happen next. Thanks for sharing an intimate part of your family.

    • says

      My very first Yarn Along! I’m on my third washrag (I also made a towel). I’m starting another one for practicing my increasing and decreasing—the problem is that my decreasing decreases at a rate slower than my increasing, making the square lopsided. But perhaps I’m not choosing the correct stitch for decreasing.