On Traveling the P.O.S.M.E. (Path of Social Media Enlightenment)

social media mavenMy newest personal and professional goal is to learn to use the com-pu-ter and the World-Wide-Web to be less of an in-tro-vert and idealistic starving art-teeeeest.  I.e, learn how to use social media.  For real.

I’ve been taken under the motherly wing of social-media-girl Cristina, one of my RH contributors, and am slowly discovering how these socially things are a lot less cumbersome and scary than I thought.  It’s nice connecting with my friends and colleagues, and putting my work out there isn’t as leech-like and Scumbag Central as I thought it’d be.

(Did I just say that out loud?)

I’ve taken the following steps on the Path of Social Media Enlightenment (P.O.S.M.E.):

  1. I updated my pages—bios, pictures, headers, etc.
  2. I dropped accounts I don’t use (Goodreads, to be specific).
  3. Facebook was already set to automatic posting for RH and NN, and I’ve decided to leave it at that.  The people who know tell me to not bother with playing the Facebook Algorithm Game.  It’s there for people who want it, but I’m not going to focus my attention on building FB numbers.
  4. I signed up for Hootsuite, connected both my personal and RH Twitter accounts, and set up my “streams.”  I also have my RH G+ page there, but I prefer using it through Google itself.
  5. I check Hootsuite every time I check my email.
  6. I made and am making Twitter lists of people important to me, such as my RH contributors.  I retweet their tweets.
  7. I follow other important Twitter lists, such as Lisa Hendey’s list of CatholicMom.com contributors.
  8. And, lo and behold, now I use Twitter to, you know, communicate with people.
  9. I now check Google+ and read people’s posts.  And respond!  Yet another miracle!
  10. (By the way, I’ve come to like Google+.  I live in Google already, so what’s not to like?  Everything feeds into everything else.  It didn’t make sense to me when I first looked into it.  Now it does.)
  11. I apply Cristina’s 80/20 rule—support others!  Be generous!  Encourage others by sharing their work!
  12. I still use FB to communicate with close family and friends, as well as participate in private groups.
  13. Pinterest!  More pinning!  Pin, pin, pin, pin, pin!
  14. I provide a link to pinned articles in their Google+ posting.
  15. I’m following people back.  It’s a nice thing to do, right?
  16. Oh, yeah, and leaving comments on blogs instead of reading and moving on.  I’m still working on that.

Those are my tactics so far.  Looks like a lot, but with a few tools—Hootsuite, using G+ with my Gmail—it’s not hard.  Almost… natural and organic.  And that’s the whole point of SM, am I right?

You’ll note that, if I were further down the P.O.S.M.E., I would have provided links to every. single. thing. I mentioned in this list.  But it’s late and I’m lazy.  Links are on the left, if you’re so inclined.



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    This is a realistically helpful “how to get started/sharpen up” list. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks to social media girl Cristina for helping you (and by extension, me) with it.

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    I’m reblogging this from Naptime Novelist, as it’s chock full of “next steps” in making one’s use of social media more efficient. I’m looking at it from a writer’s standpoint, but others might find it helpful as well. Thanks, Rhonda!