Dreaming the Writing Dream

Your morning laugh, courtesy of Yours Truly.

Last night (this morning? Probably this morning), I had a dream.  I dreamed that I wrote a one-off novelette, an allegorical story about the Fall, for the Catholic Writers’ Guild contest (there is no such contest, sorry).  I illustrated my novelette with hand-drawn cartoons (a la Mama Knows, Honeychild, but I colored them in) and artwork pinched from the internet.

Apparently, this took a few hours to write and create.

I submitted my book.  And, wouldn’t you know it? I WON!

Guess what I won?

  • $50,000 in prize money from CWG!

(This is where CWG President Ellen Gable Hrkash chokes on her morning scrambled eggs.)

  • A publication offer with a $1,000,000 royalty advancement!


And… (y’all ready for this?)…

  • Offers from the Vatican to publish my book, complete with being flown out (on them) for a private audience with Pope Francis!


And all for my little novelette/graphic novel.

If making it as a writer is just this easy, then why haven’t I done this before?


  1. says

    I will also add that Dave Ramsey made its way into this dream, as I informed Jared that we needed to “tell that money where to go” before we spent it.

    Oh, and that I also needed to work on either my Spanish or Italian. You’ll be proud of me, Cristina.